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Lunar and Solar EclipsesThe eclipse topic is interesting for me for a long time and the August Solar and Lunar eclipses this year brought me this theme to recollection as a new post for the blog. Many authors express different opinions about the influence of eclipses on our lives. And the most think this is the negative concept. Let's find the truth together.

My experience of observation gives me some reasons to suppose that eclipses are unique phenomena that can help us to use its energy in our own purposes for improving some negative aspects of our lives and to get rid of something bad (Lunar eclipses) or achieve something good (Solar eclipses).
Astrology MythsIf you're a novice and wish to know the truth of astrological science and understand some concepts of the astrological world, this blog is for you! Here we will post information that may be useful for those who stands on a certain step of astrological knowledge and are looking for more.

First of all, I wish to offer you some myths that I have collected since that time when I started to study the professional astrology. I would like to warn you that popular and professional astrology are 2 absolutely different things that in many cases have nothing in common. Therefore, a lot of misunderstandings have appeared and have been living till now.

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Money and Wealth Potential in Natal Chart. Will I Be Rich?

Oct 05, 2008

Many people ask if they have a positive cash flow, earn good money by themselves or inherit it. It's possible to discover what a potential an individual has using their natal charts. Of course, in order to become a rich and happy person, it's not enough to have the potentials, but also to take some paints for realization the ideas and to strive to make money. No doubt, you can be rich if you have the following characteristics required: intellectual ability, will to victory and industry for reaching the goals.

Your Accurate Birth Time

Sep 19, 2008

Unfortunately, the birth time (hours and minutes) in many cases is unknown. A great number of people who come to us for consultations don't know their exact time of birth or they have no a clue at all! In this case the work of any astrologer can be paralyzed, at least until they discover the right time of their clients' birth. The work is very hard and thorough, because the exact time of birth plays a very important role in the predictions.

Astro Twins: We're Cut from the same Clot

Sep 19, 2008

Have you ever thought about some people who are living at the same time on the Earth and who can be very close in their appearance or some personally traits with you? Astrology names such individuals Astro Twins and finds them on the same date (day, month and year) of birth, but not always at the same time or place. If you knew a person who has been born at the same day with you, this may be a good example showing a similarity that in most cases is obvious. However, many skeptics try to prove that there are a lot of differences and astrology is incorrect. Actually the astrology is able to explain all the similarity and differences between the Astro Twins.

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